Cloud-based computing for post-traumatic small motor disorders rehabilitation

Cloud-based Computing for Rehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Fine Motor Disorders

An intelligent remote health system in rehabilitation of post-traumatic fine motor disorders developed by utilizing cloud computing and gamification

The new digital age is expanding the possibilities for health services, medical treatment and recovery in a new way. Smart solutions and the Internet can, regardless of location, enable rehabilitation and bring mutual doctor-patient communication. Such communication could allow continuous supervision of the patient’s efforts and motivation. With the help of smart devices, doctors can monitor, track and advice their patients. These gadgets can be used independently or within home environment. Scientific evidence, such as various studies, shows that rehabilitation at home has a lot of advantages. By using the abovementioned devices, doctors are able to easily examine, analyze and generalize the patient’s results and progress thus achieving a more effective process of medical treatment.

Indeform cooperated with rehabilitation centers in Lithuania and Kaunas Academy of Arts on research and development of post-stroke, post-traumatic fine hand motor disorders rehabilitation platform. Such disorders are common after, for example, heart attacks, injuries, burning or other accidents that afflict hand, arm or palm areas. The product is intended for use by an occupational therapist and the patient. Key product features include remote rehabilitation and the opportunity for communication, fast navigation, the possibility of higher resolution, preservation of information, timing, dynamics, performance collection, evaluation capability and so on. We developed a cloud-based training system for post-traumatic small motor disorders rehabilitation system with process monitoring and statistical analysis of the main features. These features include the ability to remotely monitor the patient’s treatment and excellence process, assess the patient’s condition, adjust the exercise difficulty levels, add supplementary exercises and assess their effectiveness when compared to different patients’ treatment progress results. All data should be transmitted through the Internet connection and automatically stored in a database. The software will be installed on a personal visit, and all data will be available only to the doctor and the patient, which is ensured by providing a user name and a password. The doctor will automatically have access to the advisory report with the results presented in different shapes as well as analyzed and generalized from different angles.

Next generation healthcare solutions accelerate the adoption of unlimited possibilities presented by cloud computing and intelligent solutions. We are moving forward in cooperation with medical institutions and investors on our current work to develop and further improve the cloud-based solutions for rehabilitation and healthcare industry in general. We believe that cloud-based computing and cognitive solutions is the future of new healthcare innovations, research and intelligent medical systems.